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"A beautiful sonata" - Shattered Controllers

"Venus: Improbable Dream will play your emotions like a beautiful instrument" - Mr Hands

"An excellent rendition of the inner workings of anxiety, depression, and loneliness" - VN Game Den

"A splendid experience" - FlareBlitzed

An indie passion project, 'Venus: Improbable Dream' is a choice-based visual novel game centred around music, friendship, romance and mental health.  With four different endings to explore, and many player decisions along the way, its aim is to highlight the importance of understanding and compassion for those with disabilities and mental health issues, and to remind such people that they are wonderful and worthy of love.  It's also a fun and touching adventure that explores how powerful music can be, and features real life pieces by celebrated composers!

WARNING: Contains themes of depression and anxiety, and depiction of panic attacks.


Akane Kakeru is not your average 17 year old.  Thanks to a disfigurement he gained at birth, he spends his days struggling with social anxiety and wishing to be invisible.  Everything changes for him when he's placed into the after school music club, in an attempt to coax him out of his shell.  It's here that he meets Fujiwara Haruka, a disabled girl with a shy disposition, and a gift for music.  As the two of them begin to connect, Kakeru remembers what it's like to yearn for friends, to be confident in himself, and most importantly, to have a dream. Will he be able to truly face his inner fears once and for all, and achieve something he never thought possible? That’s up to you!

'Venus: Improbable Dream' is a slow burn style visual novel, showing you the small nuances and precious little moments that make up Kakeru and Haruka's story as they take timid steps towards a new future.  It's designed to emphasise the importance of small victories in your everyday life, as well as how severe anxiety and depression can be.  It begins rather darkly, and takes the player on a transformative journey into a much lighter place.  Instead of an action-packed adventure, this is a gentle, compassionate view into the realistic daily struggles and joys that Kakeru and Haruka go through, and offers four possible endings for them, depending on your choices.  I sincerely hope that it will touch your heart!


Approx 175,000+ word count and around 40 hours of gameplay

4 possible endings

Special dialogue for certain choices

Japanese anime art style

16 character sprites, and 15 full CGs

Custom GUI

34 song soundtrack, including a full vocal track + 7 famous classical pieces

This free demo is for you to enjoy and get a feel for the game!  The demo contains roughly 5 hours of gameplay.

Install instructions

To play the demo, simply extract the zip file and run the Renpy executable!  Happy gaming!  MAC USERS: remember to fully extract the zipped folder before playing, as the latest version of Catalina may not automatically do this for you.  Enjoy!


Venus_Improbable_Dream-pc.zip 360 MB
Venus_Improbable_Dream-mac.zip 342 MB
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Do you plan on releasing it on android ?

I'm afraid it's only going to be available for PC, Mac and possibly Linux.  It's not intended to be a mobile game and would require different software, as the software I've used to create this game isn't fully compatible with android technology.

ah i see

Thanks for replying

So yeah.... We've seen each other on Twitter so I think no need to explain on how I arrive here.

A good visual novel rich in the experience details and story of a person who feels abandoned and hated by the society. The demo has everything set already, but the main character are quite hard to identify at first. Other than that this is a very nice visual novel that can be recommended as a read for people to study other experiences.

Exploring the music area now. There's a story build up now, can't wait to see what happens next.

Should've note this daily, but I was very busy and didn't get to properly do things.

The story so far is interesting to read, but I feel this is too long of a demo? Perhaps that's all the problem for now.

The demo is roughly 5 hours long, but the full game is around 40 hours long, so the demo isn't really much in comparison to the full game.  Besides, I wanted to include the first choice in the demo for some interactivity.

Hi there!  Thanks so much for trying out the demo!  It's still a work in progress, so it's continually being improved until its release in a few months!


I love it!  💜